Constitution and Bylaws

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Arkansas Professors of Educational Administration (ARPEA) is to support university faculty and programs in the continued development of academic degree and professional licensure candidates for the profession of educational administration in Arkansas.  

ARPEA is an organization of university-based faculty and interested parties of educational administration dedicated to the improvement of education in Arkansas, the region, and the nation.  Members of ARPEA believe: 

  • That we are committed to developing school administrators who have the focus of interest for preschool through adult learners. 
  • That programs of study are based upon the standards of the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) and the Educational Leadership Consortium Council (ELCC). 
  • That the organization is committed to collaboration with appropriate professional organizations and agencies to include, Arkansas Department of Education, Arkansas Association of Education Administration, and Arkansas Leadership Academy.
  • That the faculty in member institutions will provide improved programs of study by the collaboration with the ARPEA membership. 
  • That faculty blending the best techniques of teaching, scholarship, research, and service should perform the preparation of educational administrators.  
 The following outcome may be obtained by participation in ARPEA activities: 
  • Proactive leadership of future directions in preparation of school and district administrators. 
  • Support of present and future school and district administrators. 
  • Programs designed to improve learning opportunities for educational administration candidates. 
  • Cooperation with all interested stakeholders to best meet elementary and secondary school learner needs. 
  • Recommendations provided for policy development at the state and local level. 
  • Information disseminated to educational administration faculty and other interested parties concerning significant issues in the preparation of educational administrators.

Article I.  Name. 

Section I.  The name of this organization shall be the Arkansas Professors of Educational Administration.  Within the body of this Constitution, the organization shall be referred to as the ARPEA. 

Article II.  Duration. 

Section 1.  The period of its duration is perpetual. 

Article III.  Purposes. 

Section 1.  The purposes of the ARPEA shall be: 

  • to maintain and elevate the professional and ethical standards of educational administration faculty and programs in Arkansas; 
  • to improve the educational standards for schools in the State of Arkansas; 
  • to promote the welfare and the professional growth of the ARPEA members; 
  • to mentor new educational administration faculty to the profession in Arkansas; 
  • to work cooperatively with other groups that desire to improve educational opportunities for Arkansas students; 
  • to provide a means for the membership to have a collective influence on the establishment and execution of educational policies within Arkansas; and
  • to keep the membership informed of state and national events/activities that would promote or adversely impact educational administration at the local, state, regional and national levels. 

Article IV.  Membership. 

Section 1.  Membership shall be open to full-time or pat-time faculty members and other interested parties that are involved in degree and licensure programs dedicated to the preparation of educational administrators and/or Arkansas licensure for building, district, and/or curriculum/program administrator.

Article V.  Disillusionment.  Disposition of Assets. 

Section 1.  Whenever, for any reason, the ARPEA is dissolved or is no longer able to accomplish and carry out the specific purposes for which the ARPEA was formed, the Executive council shall terminate the affairs of the ARPEA, pay its debts, and after this has been done, any and all of the remaining assets shall be assigned and conveyed, without consideration, to a state or local government for use and benefit of the children of the state, and as such will be furtherance of the educational purpose to which the ARPEA is dedicated. 

Article VI.  Officers of the Organization. 

Section 1.  The officers of ARPEA shall consist of the chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer.  Officers shall serve for July 1-June 30, or until a successor is chosen.  With the exception of the treasure, no person shall serve for more than two terms consecutively in the same position. 

Section 2.  The officers shall be elected by the membership of the ARPEA Executive Council. 

Section 3.  Chair.  The term of chair shall be for one year.  The chair shall:  preside or arrange for presiding officers at all meetings of the Executive Council and special committees; appoint all special committees and the chairperson of each special committee with consent of the Executive Council; and perform all other duties normally assigned to this office. 

Section 4.  Vice-chair.  The term of the vice-chair shall be for one year.  This vice-chair shall:  act as presiding officer of the Executive Council in the absence of the chair; server as ex-officio member of all committees; and keep the Executive Council informed of activities of all committees. 

Section 5.  Secretary.  The term of secretary shall be for one year.  The secretary shall; keep a complete and accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Executive Council; provide a copy of minutes to all members of the Executive Council; and keep an accurate list of all members of the organization. 

Section 6.  Treasurer.  The term of treasurer shall be for one year.  The treasurer shall: receive and deposit in the bank all funds received by the organization; keep accurate financial records of all funds of the organization; pay all bills approved for payment by the Executive Council; and provide a treasurer’s report at each regular meeting of the Executive Council. 

Section 7.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chair, the Executive Council will elect a successor for the remainder of the un-expired term. 

Article VII.  Executive Council. 

Section 1.  The ARPEA Executive Council shall consist of one representative from each of the nine universities having programs for the preparation of educational administration.  Each university program will be responsible for determining the council member of that institution.  The ARPEA Executive Council shall have the authority to: 

  1. make rules and assign responsibilities to all committees; 
  2. collect membership dues; 
  3. expend funds of the organization; 
  4. make and revise the annual budget; 
  5. schedule meetings of the organization; 
  6. carry out and enforce the rules governing membership in the organization; 
  7. make all necessary rules and regulations to carry out the purpose of the organization; and
  8. provide services such as publications, conferences, and research that are not in conflict with the purposes of this organization. 

Article VIII.  Committees. 

Section 1.  Committees will be established by the Executive Council on an “as needed” basis to fulfill the purposes of the organization.  Chairs of these committees will be appointed by the Executive Council chair. 

Article IX.  Authority, Duties, and Responsibilities. 

Section 1.  Except for the authority, duties, and responsibilities listed in this Constitution, all other authority, duties, and responsibilities of the organization and the officers thereof shall be set forth in the Bylaws.  The Board of Directors shall have the authority to act on all matters that are not prohibited by the Constitution. 

Article X.  Corporation. 

Section 1.  The ARPEA Executive Council shall have the authority to incorporate this organization as a nonprofit organization under the statutes of the State of Arkansas and the Internal Revenue Service. 

Article XI.  Ratification. 

Section 1.  The constitution shall become effective when it has been ratified by a majority vote of the ARPEA membership. 

Article XII.  Powers Clause. 

No part of net earnings of the organization shall be used to the benefit of, or be distributed to its officers, members, or other private persons, except for services rendered or the reimbursement of expenses in meeting the purposes of the organization.  No substantial part of the activities of the organization shall be the caring on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation and the organization shall not contribute to PACs, political parties or candidates.

Article I.  Membership Dues. 

Section 1.  Membership dues in ARPEA shall be $20.00 per year. 

Section 2.  The ARPEA treasurer shall collect the membership dues. 

Section 3.  Student membership dues in ARPEA shall be $10.00 per year.

Article II.  Membership Year. 

Section 1.  The period of membership of each person that joins ARPEA will begin November 1 of any given year and shall continue through October 31 of the succeeding year. 

Article III.  Fiscal Year. 

Section 1.  The APREA fiscalyear will begin November 1 of each year and shall continue through October 31 of the succeeding year. 

Article IV.  Meetings. 

Section 1.  The ARPEA shall schedule two general membership meeting per year.  There shall be a fall and spring meeting.  The spring meeting shall constitute the annual business meeting.  Additional meetings may be called by the Executive Council. 

Article V. Quorum. 

Section 1.  Fifty-one percent of the Executive council shall constitute a quorum of that body.  General membership appearing for a general meeting will constitute a quorum for the meeting. 

Article VI.  Amendments. 

An amendment presented to the Executive Council must pass a first and second reading.  The Executive council may then submit a proposed amendment to the membership at a called meeting.  The Constitution and/or Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of voting members present at any called meeting of the organization, except that the amendment shall be submitted to the individual membership in writing at least thirty (30) days before being presented for a vote. 

Article VII.  Rules of Order. 

Section 1.  Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall be the guide in all business meetings of this organization.